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Dysfunctional Gains Group Programme

What is it?

Dysfunctional Gains (DG) is an online group training programme. The programme is a 4 day upper-lower split (two upper body days, two lower body days).

What are 'dysfunctional gains' ?

We use the term 'dysfunctional' as a rally against 'functional fitness', a term that has become synonymous needlessly overcomplicating training, and making people terrified of movement and time-tested barbell strength exercises.

DG is about getting yourself in general ass-kicking shape by using the highly effective exercises that give functional training nerds a heart attack.

If you do this programme with effort and consistency you'll be:

  • Stronger than a CrossFitter

  • Look like you lift

  • Fitter than a pure strength athlete

  • Confident in various ranges of motion

Know exactly what to do

Sick of having to think about your training? With DG you will have all of your training programmed by me, with exact prescriptions for exercise, sets, reps etc. All exercises are also accompanied by instructional videos so you know how to execute it properly.

DG is delivered as a group programme through the Train Heroic app. Everyone follows the same programme, though there are suggestions provided on how to progress/regress certain exercises based on your level.

Be part of a team

Get access to a small private chat group where you can discuss the programme, ask questions, get technique feedback, and big each other up to smash your training goals!

Who is it for?

If you are someone who want a great general programme to follow and a community of like-minded people to support you, this is the service for you.

This is not for people who need:

- large amounts of accountability

- a specific/individualised programme

- nutrition consultations

For that, there's 1-1 online coaching.


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