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Coaching Services

In-person and online coaching to maximise your gains.

Training Enquiries: Services

The online coaching service is designed to help you transform yourself into a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of you. 


I provide clients with a fully individualised training programme, alongside coaching and accountability for sleep and nutrition. 

There is regular feedback through WhatsApp voice notes, and weekly check-in call to assess goals, answer Qs, give feedback, etc. Training programmes are delivered through the TruCoach app. 


To begin the process, you will fill out an online form. This will include a few basic health-related questions, and some questions to help me better understand where your fitness is currently at, and where you want it to be. 


Want to learn more? Book a free discovery call with me below. 

For more info on this service, read this blog post. 


You before and after online coaching

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Training Enquiries: Welcome

Online Coaching

€100 per session

€75 per session

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