Coaching Services

In-person and online coaching to maximise your gains.

Personal Training

1-on-1 Training

€65 per session

Group Training (2-on-1) 

€80 per session


I train people out of a private, personal-training only facility that is cosy and welcoming.


Training with me means getting all of my knowledge from both my experience as a coach, information I've learned through my academic studies, as well as 13 years of real life training experience.


I'm committed to offering the highest quality coaching service possible, which means sessions tailored entirely to your individual goals. As well as a kind and empathetic approach to those who seem themselves as 'non gym people'. 


Online Coaching

             €300 for 4 weeks

-Monthly in-person PT session
-Weekly 30 min check-in calls--Programme customised weekly

               €240 for 4 weeks

-Weekly 30 min check-in calls
-Programme customised weekly

               €150 for 4 weeks

-Monthly 30 min check-in call
-Programme customised weekly

                €120 for 4weeks

-Weekly text communication 
-Programme customised monthly


The online coaching service provides clients with fully individualised programmes, with a selection of packages available, depending on how hands-on you want the process to be. All programmes are conducted through TruCoach. 


To begin the process, you will fill out an online form. This will include a few basic health-related questions, and some questions to help me better understand where your fitness is currently at, and where you want it to be. 

Click below to apply for an online coaching spot, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

For more info on this service, read this blog post. 

Nutrition Coaching

€30 per week

Nutrition coaching is a great addition to both online or in-person training, as good nutrition is vital to getting as much out of training as possible. 

Coaching is done via a weekly Zoom call, where I will analyse your food diary and weight log, discuss obstacles you are encountering, and provide simple strategies for improving week-to-week. 


Coaching Consultations

 €60 per 1 hour call


1 hour Zoom consultations to assist with your coaching/training practice. 


Topics covered are up to you but common ones are programming, exercise selection, social media, client retention etc. 

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