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I had always been a 'gym regular' but struggled to see results due to a lack of focused training.


Cill provided a very high standard strength and conditioning programme, as well as excellent nutrition advice. In addition, he helped me overcome a long standing back injury.

Tom Purcell

With Cill’s direction I’ve seen a constant progression in the gym, improving both my strength and explosiveness for hockey.


Cill has added an additional structure to my training I had not had previously and his expertise has helped my improve immensely as an athlete since we started working together.

Jakim Bernsden

The programme was very clearly tailored to my specific needs.  


One of the main benefits of the training is that I’ve equipped myself with a working knowledge of how to do strength training safely in my own time and I have literally learned a life skill.

Patrick Dunne

I had mainly been training in group settings and felt I needed a more personalised approach. Cill provided an understanding that progress in the gym doesn't happen overnight. The sessions are really enjoyable and allow you to appreciate the little successes on the road. 

Having someone who knows what they're talking about, and has your best interests at heart, can make training a really enjoyable experience.

Aoife McLoughlin

I struggled a lot with hip pain when doing weighted back squats, and with Cill’s help was not only pain free on the weight I’ve plateaued on, but even managed to go heavier with the weight!

Coaching helps you get that bit further, improve that much more, and boosts your confidence in your ability to perform the exercises safely and correctly. It’s definitely brought my fitness to a whole new level that i wouldn’t have been able to achieve by myself! You won’t be disappointed!

Dalal Al-Hassan

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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I had been a member of Crunch Fitness for 5 years as a teenager and then got into yoga for the next 7 years before starting training with Cill in October 2019. 

Cill consistently expressed a genuine sense of curiosity in my form during exercises and his continuous support was one of the reasons I kept returning to the gym as I knew I would always learn, improve and stay motivated under his guidance. 

I could barely do two consecutive pull ups when I began which felt embarrassing. His focus on proper form helped me learn how to do the exercises safely and his encouragement and practical advice helped me build my strength back up steadily.

I resisted coaching for so long because I attended the gym for years and didn't think I needed it. However, I was astonished by the progress I made in strength, form and endurance under Cill's guidance. Having that little bit of encouragement whispering in your ear to help you stay motivated and on track towards your goals is an added bonus. I would highly recommend coaching to anyone who is determined to get fitter, stronger and smash their health and fitness goals."

Con Sheehan

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"It’s definitely worth getting some sessions - there are a lot of nuisances and technique involved in all aspects of training. These are more easily conveyed with a personal coach.

Also I found the nutrition and flexibility was highlighted more, and my understanding of both are incorporated into all my training."

Ray Barrett

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