"Initially I was hesitant about coach based training as I believed I preferred to train alone but the approach was not at all overwhelming and never harshly critical.

The main benefits included: A great improvement in my technique across all lifts and confidence in this technique. The ability to overcome a plateau and not fear injury and a marked improvement in my cardiovascular fitness, weight training and body weight exercises. Overall a more progressive, efficient, stress free workout environment.

I would highly recommend coaching, It has increased my confidence, motivation and accountability. After a while of training myself I ran out of ideas and was making very little progress. It was becoming more stressful to go to the gym than a stress relief, now I look forward to going to the gym again. In terms of cost effectiveness the benefits from coaching are far greater than that of a night out."

Lucy Dowling


"I had been a member of a strength & conditioning gym for a number of months where there were a number of different coaches with different styles.

Lots of coaches will look on and let people constantly make mistakes, whereas Cill made sure my form and mobility were 100% before progressing. Plus the slow mo videos are a great tool to visually show me where changes need to be made.

Your experience for little tweaks such how to unrack the bar at the start of a bench press. Your passion, you're always pushing for people to get better form and to get stronger by trying to cater for everyone with strength specific classes and giving up your time to do so. Very well mannered, very calm and encouraging. You joined me for an awful Metcon one day which was a bit of craic 😂 All in all super experience that has been gained from hard work in competitions.

You need that person looking in from the outside to tell you what changes to make. They will have more experience and you can benefit from that. You may be forced to do exercises you either dont want to do or never thought of doing for your own benefit. Plus it stops the massive question of arriving at the gym and wasting time wondering what you are going to do when a coach gives you a programme to do. They have done all of the thinking so you can just arrive and follow the programme to get stronger and fitter."

Alexander Rumball


"I had been a member of Crunch Fitness for 5 years as a teenager and then got into yoga for the next 7 years before starting training with Cill in October 2019. 

Cill consistently expressed a genuine sense of curiosity in my form during exercises and his continuous support was one of the reasons I kept returning to the gym as I knew I would always learn, improve and stay motivated under his guidance. 

I could barely do two consecutive pull ups when I began which felt embarrassing. His focus on proper form helped me learn how to do the exercises safely and his encouragement and practical advice helped me build my strength back up steadily.

I resisted coaching for so long because I attended the gym for years and didn't think I needed it. However, I was astonished by the progress I made in strength, form and endurance under Cill's guidance. Having that little bit of encouragement whispering in your ear to help you stay motivated and on track towards your goals is an added bonus. I would highly recommend coaching to anyone who is determined to get fitter, stronger and smash their health and fitness goals."

Con Sheehan


"It’s definitely worth getting some sessions - there are a lot of nuisances and technique involved in all aspects of training. These are more easily conveyed with a personal coach.

Also I found the nutrition and flexibility was highlighted more, and my understanding of both are incorporated into all my training."

Ray Barrett