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Cillian started training me two years ago. Before, I had always been a 'gym regular' but struggled to see consistent results.

The main reason was the lack of focused training.

With Cill I was able to receive very high standard and detailed strength and conditioning programs as well as excellent nutrition advice. In addition, he helped me deal with a long standing injury. 

Overall, the training I have received from Cillian has been fantastic and I would recommend Cillian as a personal trainer to anyone of any age and gender.

Tom Purcell

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I first contacted Cill for advice 12 months ago after my team got promoted to the EY hockey league.

With Cill’s direction I’ve seen a constant progression in the gym that has directly translated into improved performance on the pitch. We have managed to address a number of movement issues that have hindered me in the past while still improving both my strength and explosiveness.

He put in the research to ensure my training has not only covered the fundamentals I’ve needed in the gym, but also had the specificity to help me improve as a hockey player. Cill has added an additional structure to my training I had not had previously and his expertise has helped my improve immensely as an athlete since we started working together.

Jakim Bernsden

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I came to Cillian looking for an online programme that would differ from the regular back & biceps /chest and triceps programmes out there. 

My strength and conditioning was at novice level, so felt new ideas and a structure would help. Cillian's programme guided me in the right direction to building up base strength which later led to working on more advanced lifts / movements. I found Cillian very helpful and always quick to respond on any queries I had regarding correct form, alternative exercises, diet, etc. 

I would highly recommend Cillian as a mentor. His expertise in the field is second to none.

Kieron Keary

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The programme was very clearly tailored to my specific needs, both in terms of long term training goals, and short term commitments with the Defence Forces.

I always admired the positivity that was brought to each session and that I was able to make contact if I was having any trouble with training in my own time.

I think there is a certain element of fear amongst the general population in terms of using free weights. This is particularly true in respect of compound lifts involving a barbell and that “strength training” isn’t for me. One of the main benefits of the training is that I’ve equipped myself with a working knowledge of how to do strength training safely in my own time and I have literally learned a life skill. At the very least, you should invest in your own abilities and take the opportunity to upskill through either a) learning the benefit of different exercises and b) learning what correct form looks and feels like.

Patrick Dunne

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