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The Mission

This is Tom Crean. He is a bonafide Irish hero, and harder than a bed of nails. Men like him are an inspiration for my training and life philosophy.

Since I've disabled my Instagram account (try it), I've been reading up on marketing in my spare time. Truth be told, I hate marketing. I do what I do because I love training and using it to help people improve themselves. Trust me, I'm not in this game to try and become a millionaire. However, marketing is a necessary evil to spread a message and make people aware of what it is I'm doing over here in my wee hovel of the web.

Something that seems to keep cropping up in my reading is the idea of a 'niche'. "What is your niche?", they all ask. For the past year I've said to myself, "I don't want a fucking niche". But I've come to realise that I do have one, and it probably describes you.

Who I Was

In order to understand the niche, first you need to understand that about 10 years ago, my life looked significantly different.

In 2009, I was a scrawny teenager with poor self esteem and no discernible athletic ability whatsoever. After some frustrating run-of-the-mill life teenage experiences, I began using physical training as an outlet for my anger. I quickly realised that training required no talent, and would directly reward me for the amount of work I gave it.

Who I Am Now

A much stronger and more muscular version of who I would have been had I not started training.

To date my best lifts are a 190kg squat, 120kg bench, and 217.5kg deadlift.

My bodyweight has gone from 75kg to 93kg.

Obligatory shirt-off photo to enhance credibility.

I still have a ways to go and I'm far from my own personal standard for 'strong', but I'm proud of what I've achieved up to this point, as it required a fair share of consistent work and the odd sacrifice of luxuries here and there.

Along the way, I also managed to pick up a few pieces of paper that are proof that I've done more scientific research on this stuff than just watching a few Jeff Nippard videos. These include an MSc in Strength & Conditioning (St. Mary's, Twickenham), a BSc in Health & Performance Science (UCD), and the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification (NSCA).

One second before I missed the lift.

Why You Should Listen to Me

I get it, you've read this far, but dammit if there isn't a lot of other coaches out there who are saying and doing similar things. So what makes me different? The difference is that I'm you. I'm not some rugby jock or a lad who just took a load of gear. I've been in your shoes before, and I've walked the path that you need to walk. I understand what it's like to not be naturally great at this stuff, and to be confused about what to do.

I want to use my 10+ years of training experience to show you the right way. I know that if I had trained properly from the start, I could have gotten to where I am now in half the time it took me.

Additionally, I understand the science of how this works. My training programmes are logical and progressive in nature. There's no randomness over here. This isn't F-45 or Bodypump, or whatever the new fad is. We laugh at fads. The iron has stood strong as the standard for building men's physiques for nearly a century now.

We use barbells, and challenging exercises that yield massive results. Squats, deads, benches, presses, rows, chins. There's no fluff here, no pretty looking chrome dumbbells or bosu balls. Just hard work and commitment to a plan. Training like this will not only build your body, but give your mind the tools needed to be an effective man.

Who Are You?

You're a man, probably somewhere between your late teens and mid 30s. You probably work a white collar job. It's great to finally be earning some decent money out of college, but your fitness levels have paid the price for your sitting at a desk from 9 - 5.

You're a little on the skinnier side, and you want to get big and strong. Maybe you've "tried the gym" before, but it didn't work out for you, because you were mislead by people who aren't qualified to lift their granny's purse, much less teach you how to deadlift.

You also value science and logical thinking, two things that are as rare as rubies in the modern fitness industry. If this describes you, then you've come to the right place - you've found your niche.

The overarching goal of this site and my training services is to help young men go from scrawny to strong, physically and mentally.

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