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Answers to Common Training Qs (#5)

Back with another edition of the Q+A, as it seems to be one of the most popular topics with you. If you'd like to have a question answered for the next edition, you can get me at: Email: Instagram: @cilloconnor

"Is it true that a wider grip on pull-ups will work the lats more?" Some research would indicate yes. More importantly though - does it really matter? Remember, I always talk about flipping the big stones first, before you go looking for pebbles. If you can't already do reps with 50% of your bodyweight around your waist, then this just ain't gonna matter. Pick a way of doing pull-ups that you can do pain-free, and then get strong as f*ck on them. Your lats will grow plenty. "I can't do push-ups yet - what can I do instead?" Push-ups from the knees. They aren't ideal, but if you have no equipment you'll have to make do. You will progress these by gradually supporting more of your bodyweight, as can be seen here.

"I've gotten fat in lockdown. How do I get it off?" After the first few weeks of lockdown, I also put on 2 kilos. For most people, this is due to a massive drop in their daily activity levels and slacking on their diet. So the answer is to do the reverse of what got you there. Try to set yourself up with a standing desk, get out for walks, and stop buying crap (because you will eat it if it's there). More info on this topic here.

"I've started to get back pain. Any fixes?" First, compulsary disclaimer: I am not a physio. Now, here are some thoughts. Most of the people who come to me with nagging pains have one thing in common: they don't move enough, and they move poorly. If you don't already do mobility everyday, walk at least 20 minutes every day, and train 3 times per week - then I think the answer is fairly obvious. If however you already do all this stuff, then you need to see a physio.

"I've been slacking and haven't trained in a while. How long will it take to get my gains back?" The nice thing about our body is it can regain fitness much faster than it takes to initially build it. How long will depend on how strong you were to begin with, and how long you've taken off - so I can't put an exact number on it. If you were someone fairly new to training who hasn't trained since March, I'd imagine a month or two of focused work will get you back to where you were. I'd strongly recommend that during this time, you focus on performance, and not how you look. Get your strength levels back to where they were, and the physique will follow suit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all for this edition guys. Remember to reach out if you want a question answered. I answer Qs immediately and then include them in this for other people to benefit. In Strength, Cill

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