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Philosophy of Strength Podcast

Hi guys, I wanted to talk about the podcast I've started and how it can help you. Maybe you haven't heard of it, or maybe you have but you're not really sure what it's all about. Here's a link to it on Spotify:

Why I Started a Podcast I know that few things are as cringey nowadays as another eejit saying they're starting a podcast. I'm not trying to be another Joe Rogan wannabe. The main reason I started the podcast is because I think it could be a more effective way of helping people. Most of my the people who follow me are on Instagram, but in truth, I find Instagram extremely limiting when it comes to providing good content. Posting short videos or photos is fine, but for the good coaches out there, there's a lot more valuable information to be shared, and it's hard to command a person's attentions span long enough to share it on a platform like Instagram. Podcasts give time to properly flesh out ideas.

Why Bother Listening I appreciate that people's time is precious, so I'll let you know what the podcast is all about in advance. As the name would suggest, the podcast is composed of two factors: strength training, and philosophy. I'm a big believer that the psychological aspect of reaching fitness goals is massively overlooked. The main reason people fail is because of mental hurdles, not physical. And yet, the vast majority of fitness media is focused on things like what exercises to do, or how many days to train. That information is useless if you have not yet mastered your mind. So, this is a podcast that will be discussing how to change your philosophical outlook on training, so that you can become the strongest version of you, not just physically, but mentally. There will be some anecdotes about my own experience, what I've observed in clients, as well as plenty of practical discussion on how to go about getting strong and fit.

If you like it, please share! Lastly I'd just ask that if you listen to the podcast and enjoy it please send it to any friends that you think would like it too. I want to try and help as many people as possible. Also apologies for the less than stellar microphone quality. An upgrade in recording equipment is in the works.

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