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Answers to Common Training Qs (#4)

The last instalment of this got a great response, so I decided to just do another one. Remember, if you have a question you'd like answered, simply contact me by responding to this email, or by messaging me on Instagram @cilloconnor .

I want to start running. How should I get started? Probably best to start with walking. Remember that when you run, you are taking a force of somewhere around 2-3 times your bodyweight through your hips, knees, and ankles. This is why so many people get hurt when they decide to take up running - they do too much too soon. So, my advice: in week 1, start by getting out for a walk every day. Build up to doing a 5km walk. In week 2, do 2 - 3 days of running, but during these runs you will stop and walk for a few minutes at a time (as needed). In week 3, try to run unbroken, but only for as long as you can (this could be just 10 mins). Keep building from there.

What kind of mobility work should I be doing? If you're someone who currently does none, then I would recommend just doing whatever you will stick to. That could be a 10 minute yoga video on YouTube, or just doing 3 stretches for 3 minutes each. Remember that building the habit is the most important thing, then you can worry about what's optimal. One additional piece of advice I'll give is to emphasise the areas you know you're really stiff in. If you can squat fine but can't lift your arms all the way overhead, then you need to be spending more time on your shoulders and thoracic spine. Here's a very simple flow of 4 exercises you can do every day to cover all the bases.

I want to buy equipment but everywhere is sold out! Any recommendations? A lot of equipment retailers were caught off guard by the recent surge in demand and are now out of stock. Even if they do get stock back in, I would be prepared to see prices skyrocket due to the increased demand. One place you could consider looking is buy and sell websites like Adverts, DoneDeal, Ebay. You'll probably also find a lot of inflated prices on here, but what choice do you have? If it's outside your budget, keep a positive attitude and remember that you can still get a good amount of work done with bodyweight only.


That's a wrap on this edition of ACTQs. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more tips to help you through the lockdown. In Strength, Cill

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