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Tips for Thriving in Isolation

Times are dire, and there's certainly plenty to worry about. COVID-19 has brought with it a stress whirlwind of uncertainty surrounding both our health and our finances. I'm not discounting the above worries, but I am merely proposing that we accept that 1) it's out of our hands, and therefore 2) worrying about it won't help us. Instead, in an attempt to spread some positivity, I've outlined 4 things that you can control, and that will make your time in isolation more enjoyable and productive.

1. Get Outside The benefits of getting out of you house (which for many is now just a 24 hour office) can't be overstated. At minimum, you should go for one long walk per day. This will serve as a mental break from the claustrophobic conditions of the house, while also increasing your non exercise activity for the day, which is vital for health. If you want to do even better, go for a run. I recently did my first run in about a year, and it was humbling yet enjoyable! In Ireland, there is currently no cap on the amount of time you can spend outside. I'd urge you to take advantage of this as much as possible, as it could change as this pandemic progresses.

2. Train No surprise that I'm advocating for this. And, as you should now have seen with the bodyweight programe I sent you, having no equipment is not a problem. As always, set goals and track your progress. Exercising control over your body will help with the lack of control you have over the current situation. Every day should include one of the following: lifting, conditioning, or mobility.

3. Read Use this situation as a chance to re-train your attention span and imagination. Switch off the phone and get lost in something really enjoyable. It will be far more rewarding than another Netflix binge. I've personally ordered 3 books that will hopefully tide me over. I usually read training books, but now I'm taking a break from that to read some great fiction that I can immerse my mind in. Send on any good book recommendations!

4. Create This might seem a bit odd, but doing something creative is both an enjoyable challenge and a nice escape from the madness of the outside world. What you do doesn't matter so long as you just do it. For example, writing these articles are a great creative outlet for me. For you, it could be drawing, playing a musical instrument, or just cooking a meal. Simply try your hand at making something out of nothing, once per day.

Stay sane out there. In Strength, Cill

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